• What is Two-way messaging?

    An extension of Enterprise Messaging Solution, two-way messaging as the name suggests allows both the enterprise and the end-user to send and receive messages; which in most cases is customer initiated.

    Creating a communicational loop between the enterprise and the end user, two-way messaging solution eliminates the need for the user to call customer care or to log into the web portals.

    Quick Fact

    96% of marketers rated mobile welcome SMS as “very effective/effective” or “somewhat effective”: source – SalesForce. Two-way messaging is one of the most opted choice for customer interactions.

    How does it benefit your business?

    How it works?

    2way messaging flow


    Understand your campaign in depth with our classified report generating mechanism. Get a summarised report for an overview of your campaign or a detailed report for a comprehensive idea.

    Analyse your campaign with our wide range of reports that cover parameters such as:

    Message ID

    Message ID

    It is the ID assigned to the message which is sent to the end customer.

    Sent Date/Time

    Sent Date/Time

    Date and Time at which the message is sent to the end user.

    Received Date/Time

    Received Date/Time

    Date and Time at which the message is received by the system.

    Mobile Number

    Mobile Number

    It is the mobile number of the end user.



    It specifies the circle, country and the operator of the end user.

    Reply Message

    Reply Message

    It is the complete message received at the Short code/long code sent by the end user.

    The Route Mobile Edge


    Cross functional use

    Expand your horizon with two-way messaging with no additional applications or software.



    Widen your reachability with one of the most globally efficient messaging technologies at an economically competent rate.


    Easy integration

    Adopt the one from our wide range of interface options such as web interface, APIs, HTTP, etc., with a swift and hassle-free integration.


    Multilingual message transfer

    Broaden user readability with multilingual message communication supported through Unicode.



    Get a detailed web-based reporting tool that provides insightful trends based on end-user responses.


    Configure keywords and sub-keywords with ease

    Considering the vitality of keywords, we define and integrate these words for you in the system.


    Pick Short or Long code across multiple countries

    Go for an exclusive long and short codes available globally for your business. Dedicated as well as shared options are available.

    Relevant Industries

    • Aviation
    • BFSI
    • Infotainment and entertainment
      Infotainment and entertainment
    • Media
    • E-commerce
    • FMCG
    • Telecom and IT
      Telecom and IT

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