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June 19, 2017
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December 26, 2017

Route Mobile named as Tier One A2P SMS Messaging Vendors of 2017

Route Mobile named as Tier One A2P SMS Messaging Vendors of 2017

ROCCO names Route Mobile as a Tier One A2P SMS Messaging Vendor of 2017 in its 3rd annual global survey

Mumbai, India, 20th June 2017 -- Route Mobile Limited, a global provider of communication services, today announced that it was named as a Tier One A2P SMS Messaging Vendors, in the A2P SMS Messaging Vendor Performance Report 2017 conducted by ROCCO, a leading consulting and independent research company in the telecommunication industry.

More than 300 Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) covering 147 countries were surveyed for this report who rated A2P SMS messaging vendors on more than 38 performance and leadership KPIs. Route Mobile was among the 46 international vendors that were evaluated based on various parameters such as brand perception, operators’ overall experience, preferability over other vendors, and leadership. Route Mobile performed exceptionally well on all these aspects and the operators believe that the company has a great understanding of how to maximize their revenue.

“A2P SMS is a highly competitive business and vendors must excel if they want to survive. As we can see from our report, Route Mobile have an excellent reputation for “Customer Service” and “Industry Expertise” which are important factors to their clients. We have watched Route Mobile mature within our reports, each year building a greater following in the industry and it is great to see them become one of the leading Vendors in A2P SMS,” says Jason Bryan, CEO, ROCCO.

“Throughout the years we continue to improve our approach to monetisation, we’re happy that partners working with us are seeing the results,” says Rajdip Gupta, Group CEO, Route Mobile Limited, “We are thankful for the positive feedback provided by MNOs and the trust that they have placed in us. They are an integral part of our journey and we will continue to improve our service to them.”

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About Route Mobile Limited

Route Mobile Limited (RML) is a global provider of communication services delivered via mobile phones that enable enterprises to create better customer experiences. Providing enterprises, aggregators, resellers and mobile network operators (MNOs) worldwide with tailored mobile technology solutions RML simplifies communications and helps customers bring their messages to life. Through its portfolio of comprehensive, flexible & innovative solutions including Mobile Messaging, Two Way Messaging, HLR Number Lookup, SMS Firewall, SMS Hubbing, Voice and Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Route Mobile meets and exceeds its customer’s requirements. RML routes more than 2 billion messages per month.

Established 2004 in Mumbai (India) where the company is still headquartered, RML has offices in Bangalore, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Accra, Bangkok, Dubai, Jakarta, London, Lagos, and Singapore.

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ROCCO is the Roaming Consulting Company and produces annually its A2P SMS Vendor Performance reports as well as Market Intelligence Reports into A2P SMS and SMS Firewalls. ROCCO is an independent research company started in 2012 that does not use sponsors for it’s research and prides itself on providing unique neutral data into the A2P SMS Market as well as many other areas. ROCCO also provides reports in Roaming. Watch the latest video about the EU Roaming Regulation:

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